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Quick Start for Single Family Servicing Lenders (Title II)

Single Family Servicing Lenders (Title II)
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FHA-approved lenders can use the Single Family Servicing functions of the FHA Connection. Below are links to essential information on accessing and using the FHA Connection.  
Register for the FHA Connection: The lender designates two to four employees to administer the user IDs of its employees. They must register as FHA Connection Application Coordinators. Once established, other employees can register as standard users. To register, click here and follow the instructions for the FHA-approved Lender user type.
FHA Connection User ID Administration: The FHA Connection Application Coordinators grant the lender's users access to FHA Connection functions. See User Administration [PDF] in the FHA Connection Guide and Frequently Asked Questions - ID Maintenance.
Sign on to the FHA Connection: The Application Coordinator notifies employees of their user IDs. Once an FHA Connection user ID is issued, the user can sign on to the FHA Connection. The password entered on the FHA Connection registration form is used to initially sign on to the FHA Connection and must be changed immediately after signing on. If the password is forgotten and must be reset, it is reset to the last six digits of the user's Social Security Number. See Signing on/off of the FHA Connection [PDF] in the FHA Connection Guide.
FHA Connection Orientation: To get acquainted with the FHA Connection environment, see Site Map [PDF] and Using the FHA Connection [PDF] in the FHA Connection Guide.
Single Family Servicing Functions: Below are links to information on the basic Single Family Servicing functions and menus. Authorization to use the functions must be granted by the lender's FHA Connection Application Coordinator.
Claims Processing
Delinquent Loans
Lender Query by Case Number
Monthly Premiums
Mortgage Calculator
Mortgage Record Changes
Mortgage Servicing Data Quality System
Commissioner's Adjusted Fair Market Value
See also the Single Family Servicing Overview [PDF] in the FHA Connection Guide.
Using a Service Bureau: To use a service bureau to perform loan servicing tasks, see Service Bureau Administration [PDF] in the FHA Connection Guide.
Lender Functions: The Lender Functions menu provides access to lender-related information, depending on the user's FHA Connection authorizations. Below are links to information on the Lender Functions menu options.
Application Coordinators
Lender Electronic Assessment Portal (LEAP)
Lenders Page: The Lenders page on the HUD.GOV website provides links to mortgage servicing information. To go to the Lenders page, click here.