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 Quick Start: Single Family Servicing Mortgage Servicing Data Quality System

The Mortgage Servicing Data Quality System is used to find the results of transfers, assumptions, and termination transactions sent via Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) to the Single Family Insurance System (SFIS). It can be used to generate reports for mortgage servicing and data analysis to pinpoint the most frequent problems in the quality of data sent to SFIS, and to get information on how to resolve specific errors. Listed below are descriptions of the options on the Mortgage Servicing Data Quality System menu.

See also the FHA Connection Guide for more detailed information on Mortgage Servicing Data Quality System [PDF].

Mortgage Servicing Data Quality System Menu
Menu Option Description
Individual Case Servicing Results Allows query and retrieval of the results of a Mortgage Record Change transaction for an individual case. Options include restricting the information output to Assumptions and/or Transfers and/or Terminations; and retrieval of the results of the most recent mortgage record change or a history (up to two months) of all the mortgage record changes.
Service transactions for
an Error Code
Allows query of all cases with particular error code/codes. Information display options include: Transaction Date; Service Result, e.g., updated; Effective Date of the action; Holder Mortgagee and Service Mortgagee (sent as a part of the service record - may not indicate the current holder and/or servicer).
Service Transactions for a Period Allows query of all service transactions (Transfers, Assumptions, or Terminations) and of the processing status of each type of transaction, i.e., Updated, Rejected, Suspended or Duplicate.
Error Code Description Provides detailed error code descriptions with hints to rectify the problem that caused the error code. Allows generation of a printable list of all error codes with description and corrective actions.
Pre-endorsement Transfer Provides information on all pre-endorsement transfer transactions and their processing results. These transactions are put in a queue to be performed when the case is endorsed. Users requesting such transfers receive an error message indicating that the case is not yet endorsed and that the transaction will be processed when the case is endorsed. Upon endorsement, the transaction receives one of the stated statuses: Updated, Rejected, Suspended, or Duplicate. Information on transfers is retrieved by entering a transaction process date range.