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 Quick Start: Single Family Servicing Mortgage Record Changes

Mortgage Record Changes includes the following: changing the holder or servicer of the case, recording an assumption, terminating insurance, and adjusting or resetting the month and year of assessment of the last monthly mortgage insurance premium (MIP). Listed below are descriptions of the options on the Mortgage Record Changes menu.

See also the FHA Connection Guide for more detailed information on Mortgage Record Changes [PDF].

Mortgage Record Changes Menu
Menu Option Description
Service/Holder Transfer Allows processing of a servicer and/or holder transfer for a selected case
Assumption Allows processing of a mortgagor assumption for a selected case
Insurance Termination Allows processing of mortgage insurance termination for a selected case
Monthly MIP Cancellation Allows change of the month and year that the last MIP is assessed on a case for which accelerated loan payments have been made.
Monthly MIP Reset Allows reset of the final bill date back to the computed value if the final bill date was changed in error