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Quick Start for Counselors and Housing Counseling Agencies

Counselors and Housing Counseling Agencies
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Below are links to essential information on accessing and using the FHA Connection for counselors and HUD-approved housing counseling agencies.  
Counselor Prerequisite: The counselor must be HUD-certified and/or listed on the HECM Counselor Roster before registering for an FHA Connection user ID. The HUD Exchange website provides information for counselors and housing counseling agencies on training and HUD approval. To view their Housing Counseling page, click here.
Counselors and Agency Employees Register for the FHA Connection: Once the counselor is HUD-certified and/or on the HECM Counselor Roster, a request can be made for an FHA Connection user ID. The counselor must be employed by a HUD-approved housing counseling agency in order to conduct counseling for HUD programs. The housing counseling agency must have one to four employees registered as FHA Connection Application Coordinators to validate employment and perform other tasks (see below). To register, click here and follow the instructions for Housing Counselors and Counseling Agency Application Coordinators.
Agency FHA Connection Application Coordinators: The housing counseling agency's FHA Connection Application Coordinators validate the employment of counselors, view counseling certificates issued through the agency, get housing counseling reports, and maintain basic user ID information. Note: If the Application Coordinator is also a counselor, the counselor cannot validate his/her own employment.  The agency must have another Application Coordinator to validate employment. See also User Administration [PDF] in the FHA Connection Guide and Frequently Asked Questions - ID Maintenance.
Sign on to the FHA Connection: Once an FHA Connection user ID is issued, the user can sign on to the FHA Connection. The password entered on the FHA Connection registration form is used to initially sign on to the FHA Connection and must be changed immediately after signing on. If the password is forgotten and must be reset, it is reset to the last six digits of the user's Social Security Number. See Signing on/off of the FHA Connection [PDF] in the FHA Connection Guide.
FHA Connection Orientation: To get acquainted with the FHA Connection environment, see Site Map [PDF] and Using the FHA Connection [PDF] in the FHA Connection Guide.
Housing Counseling on the FHA Connection: Below are links to basic information on housing counseling on the FHA Connection.
  Counseling Functions
  FHA Approval Lists