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Frequently Asked Questions - Case Processing

The Case Processing functions are used for the originating of a case for FHA insurance. There are several functions that each have their own commonly asked questions. Below is a list of the main functions. If it is a link, it will link you to a page that addresses the commonly asked questions that pertain to that function. If it is not a link, currently there are no questions that are specific to that function that are commonly asked. Please refer to the FHA Connection General Questions section of the Frequently Asked Questions to see if your question is answered there because it may concern an issue that pertains to several functions. If there is not a question on that page that addresses your issue, please feel free to E-mail or call the Home Ownership Center and to ask your question.

Case Number Assignment Case Number Assignment consists of three functions that are listed below:
Establish a New Case Establish a New Case allows lenders to establish a new case in the Computerized Home Underwriting Management System (CHUMS).
(Last Revised 04/06/10)
Update Existing Case Update Existing Case allows the lender, its agent, or sponsor to correct case data entered during the establishing of the case prior to the endorsement of the case.
(Last Revised 08/07/02)
Holds Tracking Holds Tracking allows lenders to monitor the Home Ownership Center's review of a case that was held for a "Duplicate Address" or "HOC Processing" error or on streamline refinance cases that are held when the refinance authorization information cannot be accessed.
(Last Revised 07/08/02)
Appraisal Logging Appraisal Logging allows lenders to add, review, and update appraisal information if it is a prerequisite to FHA insurance.
(Last Revised 04/06/10)
Insurance Application Insurance Application allows lenders to add, review, or update insurance application data for a case prior to endorsement.
(Last Revised 07/10/02)
HECM Insurance Application HECM Insurance Application allows a lender to add, review, and update insurance application data on a Home Equity Conversion Mortgage (HECM) case prior to endorstment .
203k Case Close-Out 203k Case Close-Out allows lenders to close out an endorsed 203(k) case by electronically certifying that required documents have been reviewed and verified for accuracy.
Appraiser Reassignment Appraiser Reassignment is no longer available. Changes to the assignment of appraisers were announced in Mortgagee Letter 2009-28.
(Last Revised 04/06/10)
Borrower/Address Change Borrower/Address Change allows lenders to review and update the borrower information, property address, and PUD/Condo details prior to endorsement.
(Last Revised 07/10/02)
CAIVRS Authorization CAIVRS Authorization lists any information regarding default, claim, judgment, or foreclosure reported on an applicant's past government loans or guarantees.
Case Cancellation Case Cancellation is no longer available. Lenders must contact the Home Ownership Center that covers the case and request the cancellation of the case.
(Last Revised 07/18/13)
Case Query Case Query function lists general case information regarding the property address, case type, appraiser, Upfront Mortgage Insurance Premium (UFMIP), and insurance status.
(Last Revised 07/10/02)
Case Transfer Case Transfer allows a lender who is currently assigned to the case to transfer the case to a new lender, sponsor, or both.
(Last Revised 08/21/02)
Conditional Commitment Conditional Commitment allows the originator or sponsor/agent to view and print the Conditional Commitment form issued by HUD for a HUD-processed case.
Firm Commitment Firm Commitment allows the originator or sponsor/agent to view and print the Firm Commitment form issued by HUD for a DE test (preclosing) case or a HUD-processed case.
Inspector Assignment Inspector Assignment allows lenders to assign an inspector to a case and to record the completion of compliance inspections.
MIC/NOR List MIC/NOR List allows a lender to request a list of cases that were either recently:
  • Endorsed for mortgage insurance and electronically issued a Mortgage Insurance Certificate (MIC) via the FHA Connection
  • Not endorsed for mortgage insurance and issued a Notice of Non-Endorsement/Return (NOR)
A MIC/NOR List may be requested for cases which the lender originated or acted as a sponsor or agent. Branch offices of the same lender may request a MIC/NOR List for any related branches.
Mortgage Insurance Certificate Mortgage Insurance Certificate can be used by the originator, sponsor, agent, or servicer to view and print a Mortgage Insurance Certificate (MIC). This serves as evidence of FHA insurance on the mortgage loan.
Notice of Return Notice of Return is used to view and print the NOR where HUD personnel specified a reason(s) a mortgage loan cannot be endorsed for FHA insurance.
Post-endorsement Borrower SSN Correction Post-endorsement Borrower SSN Correction allows originators, sponsors, holders, or servicers to use the FHA Connection to correct borrower SSNs after endorsement.
Refinance Authorization Refinance Authorization allows lenders to order a new refinance authorization when the refinance authorization the closing date changed or if the previous copy was mis-placed.
(Last Revised 10/29/03)
Refinance Credit Query Refinance Credit Query is used before case number assignment to determine the refinance credit available for an active FHA case being refinanced.