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Frequently Asked Questions - Borrower/Address Change

Q1: When I complete and submit the "Borrower/Address Change" page, I receive the error "ACCESS DENIED; USER ID NOT AUTHORIZED FOR BORROWER/ADDRESS CHANGE". How do I become authorized?
A1: If you get this error, your FHA Connection Application Coordinator has not set the Address Change authorization on your FHA Connection user ID. Please contact your FHA Connection Application Coordinator and request that they set the Address Change authorization on your FHA Connection user ID. If you do not know who that person is, please refer to the question "I do not know who my FHA Connection Application Coordinator is. How can I find out who that is and how to contact them?" in the General Questions section of the Frequently Asked Questions.
Q2: When I submit the "Borrower/Address Change" page to update the address, I receive an error saying, "DUPLICATE ADDRESS; PLEASE CHECK WITH HOC". How do I get the address updated?
A2: The system found a case on the system with the same or very similar address. In this situation, the system is not to update the address. Instead, you need to contact the Home Ownership Center and ask them to update the address. If there is not a case number assigned to the property address or it is not an uninsurable HUD REO property, they will update the address on the case number.
Q3: I ordered a case number as a condominium case and I am now trying to change/remove the condo ID. The "Borrower/Address Change" page will not allow me to update the field. Where can I go to update that field?
A3: If you are unable to update those fields, then the case has been placed on the Condo Applicant Log. Please call the Home Ownership Center in your region or e-mail and request to have the case removed from the Condo Applicant Log. If you send an e-mail message, please include the case number and condo ID so they can remove the case from the log.
Q4: I just updated the borrower information, but CAIVRS authorizations were not provided for the updated information. Where do I go to get the CAIVRS authorizations?
A4: You will have to order the CAIVRS authorizations separately by using the "CAIVRS Authorization" page on the FHA Connection.