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 Quick Start: Title I Servicing

Listed below are descriptions of the options on the Title I Servicing menu.

Title I Servicing Menu
Menu Option Description
Bill Download Allows the lender to view their current premium charges billing report (a.k.a. loan statement). The billing report is available for viewing online from the FHA Connection or downloading (copying) to your computer system.
Claim Inquiry Allows the lender to obtain information concerning Title I claim payments, claim denials, and/or claims that are currently in process.
Loan Data Changes
(Schedule 3)
Used by FHA Title I lenders and/or service bureaus to notify HUD's Title I Financial Operations Center (FOC) in Albany, New York of updates to loan data information on Title I Manufactured Housing or Property Improvement loans.
Paid Claim Servicing Information Provides contact information for the Asset Recovery Division of the FOC which is responsible for management of the nationwide portfolio of defaulted Title I property improvement and manufactured home loans for which claims were paid.
Service Bureau Authorization Lending institutions that choose to use the financial services of HUD-approved service bureaus for their loans must authorize the service bureau(s) to perform servicing tasks on the FHA Connection. The Service Bureau Authorization function allows the lender's Application Coordinator(s) to select an approved service bureau to access the appropriate Title I functions, e.g., Report Single Loans or Report Multiple Loans. See Service Bureau Administration [PDF] for additional information.
Note: Service bureaus are organizations contracted by lending institutions to provide financial services for their loans. Service bureaus access the FHA Connection to perform servicing tasks designated by the lender(s) with which they are associated.
Title I Letters Links to a listing of Title I letters issued by HUD. The Title I letters are used to inform lenders and other interested groups about FHA operations, policies, procedures, and changes related to the Title I Loan Program.
Title I Newsletters Links to a listing of Title I quarterly newsletters issued by HUD's Title I FOC. This is used to inform Title I approved lenders and other interested groups about Title I Property Improvement and Manufactured Housing information.
Annual Payment Exceptions Used by lenders, prior to submitting an annual Title I insurance premium payment, to identify specific cases for which all or part of the annual payment due will not be included.
Submit Annual Payment Used by lenders to electronically submit their annual Title I payment for a specified billing statement date. The payment amount is automatically calculated based on the monthly bill amount and total amount of exceptions recorded.
Annual Payment History Allows a lender to view a list of their annual Title I payments previously submitted and to select a specific payment from that list for a case-level breakdown of the payment.
Annual Premium Payment Query Provides a list of annual Title I premium payments submitted to HUD during a specified period of time for a specific lender or all lenders.
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