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 Quick Start: Title I Manufactured Housing Loans

Under HUD's Title I Program, participating lenders make loans to finance property improvements or the purchase of manufactured homes. HUD insures the lender against loss should the borrower default on the loan. The Title I Manufactured Housing Loans menu is used to process cases (loans) related to purchasing a manufactured home/lot. Its menu options are described in the table below.

Title I Manufactured Housing Loans Menu
Menu Option Description
Case Number Assignment/Update Allows a lender to establish a case in HUD's Title I Insurance and Claims System (TIIS/F72) and obtain an FHA case number. Once the case number is assigned, it is used to reference the case and initiate all FHA Connection endorsement processing and servicing transactions. Case Number Assignment/Update is also used to update the property, borrower, and general loan information prior to endorsement.

Note: For cases with a credit application date prior to June 1, 2009, Case Number Assignment/Update does not appear when selected (and no other Title I Manufactured Housing Loans functions are available). The system automatically displays the old reporting function, i.e., Report a New Loan for Insurance or Report a Refinance for Insurance, as appropriate. Effective September 15, 2009, this old functionality is obsolete.
Pay Upfront Premium Allows a lender to pay any upfront insurance premiums, late fees, and/or interest charges owed on a case. A loan cannot be endorsed for FHA insurance if all or part of the upfront insurance premium is not paid or there are outstanding late and/or interest charges.
Request for Endorsement Letter Allows lenders to generate and print the Request for Endorsement Letter. This letter is used as a checklist of documents that are required in the case binder.
Insurance Application Allows a lender to process a request for FHA loan insurance for a Title I manufactured home loan, including adding, reviewing, or changing insurance application information for a case prior to endorsement.
Case Cancel Allows a lender to halt processing on an unendorsed case. After an unendorsed case is canceled, it remains as a recorded Title I case and retains the originally assigned case number, but the status of the case becomes inactive. Any paid upfront insurance premium charges are automatically scheduled for refund to the lender. A canceled case can be reinstated at any time by authorized HUD personnel.
Case Query Allows the originator (or lender on record for the case) to determine the current status of an FHA Title I manufactured home loan. View-only details are provided on the property, borrower, and general case information, as entered in Title I MH Case Number Assignment; as well as loan, credit/underwriting, additional borrower information, and endorsement information, as entered in the Title I MH Insurance Application.
CAIVRS Authorization Lists the available information on a potential borrower's default, claim, judgment, or foreclosure on a past government loan or guarantee.
Endorsement Aging Query Allows lender personnel to request and review endorsement processing timeline information at the case level. This allows you to scan and evaluate cases in the endorsement processing pipeline.
Loan Insurance Certificate/Notice of Return Allows the originator (or lender on record for the case) to view and print a) the Title I MH Loan Insurance Certificate (LIC), if the case was endorsed for FHA Title I loan insurance; or, b) the Title I MH Notice of Return (NOR), if the case was not endorsed (i.e., rejected) for FHA Title I loan insurance.
Service Bureau Authorization Lending institutions that choose to use the financial services of HUD-approved service bureaus for their loans must authorize the service bureau(s) to perform servicing tasks on the FHA Connection. The Service Bureau Authorization function allows the lender's Application Coordinator(s) to select an approved service bureau to access the appropriate Title I functions, e.g., Report Single Loans or Report Multiple Loans. See Service Bureau Administration [PDF] for additional information.
Note: Service bureaus are organizations contracted by lending institutions to provide financial services for their loans. Service bureaus access the FHA Connection to perform servicing tasks designated by the lender(s) with which they are associated.
Underwriters Allows lenders to register underwriter employees with the FHA. Once successfully completed, the individual is issued a Title I underwriter identification number by the FHA that is associated with the individual throughout his/her tenure as a Title I underwriter, regardless of employer. Underwriters can also be used to request a list of underwriters included in HUD's registry. Lenders may review and update registry information for underwriters they currently employ.
Upfront Payment History Allows lenders to obtain information regarding upfront loan insurance premium payments made within a specified period.
Upfront Premium Refund Query Allows lenders to search for and view refund history and details for a particular lender, case, refund status, refund type, and/or date range.
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