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 Quick Start: Physical Assessment Subsystem (PASS)

The Physical Assessment Subsystem (PASS) allows users to perform tasks and view/gather data and information related to on-site physical inspections and assessments of HUD properties including:

Online scheduling and viewing of inspections (provides scheduling ability for HUD, contractors, and/or servicing mortgagees)
Inspection reviews (provides ability for inspectors and contractors to review inspection status and respond with additional clarifications)
HUD Real Estate Owned (REO) reports (search and view the REO report for a specific case number or view all available REO reports sorted by case number or upload date)

Authorized users include mortgagees, HUD Homeownership Centers (HOCs), and Management and Marketing (M&M) contractors.

To access PASS, begin with the Physical Assessment option on the FHA Connection's Single Family FHA or Multifamily FHA menu. This takes you to the PIH-REAC Online Systems page on the HUD.GOV website. This is a Single Sign On gateway to multiple systems, allowing you to log in (registered users), use the online registration form link, and/or request password reset. To go to the PIH-REAC Online Systems page, click here.