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 Quick Start: Multifamily Premiums (FHA Subsidiary Ledger)

Multifamily mortgage insurance premium payments can be made for FHA projects through the Multifamily Premiums Menu on the FHA Connection. The user must have FHA Subsidiary Ledger - Query authorization on the FHA Connection to use the options on the Multifamily Premiums Menu.

First, the Multifamily lender sets up a bank account for Automated Clearing House (ACH) transactions. Once the account is set up, bills for Multifamily mortgage insurance premium can be retrieved and paid. The Multifamily Premiums Menu is accessed from the Multifamily FHA menu and includes the following options:

Multifamily Premiums Menu
Menu Option Description
ACH Registration Set up an ACH bank account for the payment of Multifamily mortgage insurance premiums. Note: When the ACH Registration Status is "Settled", payments can be submitted.
Multifamily Premiums Retrieve and pay bills for Multifamily mortgage insurance premiums. A static bill is automatically generated 45 days before the Bill Due Date and does include any changes that occurred after that date. It can be downloaded as a .pdf file. A dynamic bill that includes the premiums currently due for the specified Bill Due Date can be generated and and printed.
Payment History View the status and details of mortgage insurance premium payments and download the information.

For detailed instructions available on the HUD.GOV website, click here.