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 Quick Start: Multifamily Delinquency and Default Reporting

The Multifamily Delinquency and Default Reporting (MDDR) system automates the delinquent loan reporting process through a Web-based application that allows lenders, program managers, portfolio managers, and HUD Headquarters users to submit, update, and view records and reports in the Housing Enterprise Real Estate Management System (HEREMS) database. HEREMS supports Multifamily programs such as enforcement activities and real estate assessment. Note the following:

Only lenders access MDDR through the FHA Connection (using the Multifamily FHA menu). All other users access MDDR through the PIH-REAC Online Systems page on the HUD.GOV website. This page provides a Single Sign On gateway to multiple systems, allowing access for log in (registered users), use of the online registration form link, and/or to request password reset. To go to the PIH-REAC Online Systems page, click here.
Authorized MDDR system users can receive assistance via the Help link in the MDDR system or by contacting the MDDR Help Desk at (800) 767-7588. Please note that this help desk is for MDDR issues only.
For non-MDDR FHA Connection issues, send an e-mail to SF Administration.

Before accessing MDDR, the following is needed:
FHA Connection user ID and password.
MDDR authorization level assigned to the user ID by the lender's FHA Connection Application Coordinator.

Then, lenders sign on to the FHA Connection and MDDR as follows:
On the FHA Connection home page, click Sign on and enter the FHA Connection ID and password. Then, on the main menu select Multifamily FHA.
On the Multifamily FHA menu, select Multifamily Delinquency and Default Reporting. The User Login page of Secure Systems appears.
Enter the FHA Connection ID and password again.