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 Quick Start: Single Family Origination Reports

The Origination Reports menu provides lenders with access to HUD-generated reports. Lenders view only their own reports. The types of reports that can be requested and retrieved are listed in the table below.

See also the FHA Connection Guide for more detailed information on Origination Reports [PDF].

Origination Reports
Report Type Description
Pending Case Cancellation Report Tracks non-endorsed cases scheduled for case cancellation due to inactivity. A case is listed on this report if no activity is recorded for six months following the last activity on the case. Exceptions to this are cases in which an appraisal update was entered or upfront mortgage insurance premium (UFMIP) was received.

Once a case is listed on a lender's report, it is automatically canceled on the second Friday of the following month if no further qualifying activity is recorded, e.g., case is listed on the January, 2011 report and is canceled on Friday, February 11, 2011 if no subsequent qualifying activity is recorded. A case is not canceled if the lender performs an action that moves the case forward to endorsement (e.g., process Appraisal Logging or Insurance Application).
Escrow Closeout Report Tracks endorsed cases with funds held in escrow for repairs or improvements (includes 203k, Energy Efficient Mortgage (EEM), and repair escrow cases). The Escrow Closeout Report provides for the individual lender a report for the most recent three months activity in this area.

The report is available in three sections (as applicable to report period activity). The sections are: Section 1- Escrow Closeouts Overdue (or Cases Overdue); Section 2 - Escrow Closeouts Due Upcoming Month (or Cases Due); Section 3 - Escrow Closeouts in the Reporting Period (or Cases Completed).
Mortgagee Performance Report Allows lenders to access a statistical report detailing their own underwriting and appraisal performance. It consists of current and historical monthly statistics generated by HUD based on post-endorsement technical reviews of direct endorsement lenders' underwriting, appraisal, and closing performance. Performance information is provided on branch offices and loan correspondents on the local and national levels.

The report is issued in nine sections: Mortgagee Performance by Branch; Underwriting Performance Data; Cases Rated Unacceptable - Underwriting; Cases Rated Mitigated - Underwriting; Cases Rated Deficient - Underwriting; Most Frequent Finding Codes; Appraiser Performance Data; Case Actions - Appraiser; and National Performance - Summary Rates.
Origination Reports Provides status information through a two-stage request and retrieval process on report categories of MIP Not Paid, MIP Premium on Non-Endorsed Cases, Mortgagee Endorsement Status, Mortgagee Pipeline, and Underwriter.

In the first stage--the request stage--use Origination Reports Request to select a report type and enter selection criteria to specify the information you wish to retrieve. A report can be requested for any period of time up to 90 days from beginning date to ending date. Only the most current 13 months of information is available. In the second stage--the retrieval stage--use Origination Reports Retrieval to retrieve the requested reports online on the next business day.
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