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 Quick Start: Single Family Origination Case Processing

The Case Processing menu allows online processing of a mortgage from initial request for a case number through the endorsement of the mortgage for FHA insurance. Listed below are descriptions of the options on the Case Processing menu.

See also the FHA Connection Guide for more detailed information on Case Processing [PDF], Case Number Assignment [PDF], HECM Financial Assessment [PDF], Holds Tracking [PDF], Logging an Appraisal [PDF], Endorsing a Case [PDF], and Case Processing Support Functions [PDF].

Case Processing Menu
Menu Option Description
Case Number Assignment
Allows users to:
Establish a New Case in the Computerized Homes Underwriting Management System (CHUMS). The Validate Borrower/Address for Case Number Assignment function in this process allows input of borrower and address information for validation purposes.
Update an Existing Case. This function allows a lender, its agent, or sponsor to correct case information prior to endorsement of the case.
Use Holds Tracking to monitor all cases held during Case Number Assignment processing for overnight validation of all borrower identification information, and any cases held due to duplicate address, HOC review of lender, or inability to access refinance authorization information.
Use Holds Tracking to determine if subsequent changes to borrower information, e.g., using Borrower/Address Change, passed or failed overnight borrower validation.
Appraisal Logging Allows a lender to record appraisal information if it is a prerequisite to insurance. Appraisal information may be corrected prior to endorsement.
Insurance Application Allows a lender to add, review, or change insurance application information for a case prior to endorsement. For lenders participating in the Lender Insurance (LI) program, Insurance Application is also used to endorse a case (excluding HECM cases).
HECM Insurance Application Allows a lender to review, add, or change Home Equity Conversion Mortgage (HECM) information for a case prior to endorsement.
203k Calculator (with FHA Case Number) For a specified 203(k) FHA case number, it provides the maximum base mortgage amount, loan-to-value (LTV) factor for maximum mortgage eligibility, calculation of the LTV for the application of the annual mortgage insurance premium (MIP), and details of the escrow account.
Binder Selection Available only to lenders approved for the Lender Insurance (LI) program. Binder Selection is used by LI lenders to get a list of case binders that were requested, received (including binders for cases awaiting endorsement), or not accepted, as well as case binders for which additional documentation was requested or received by the HOC.
Borrower/Address Change Allows a lender to review and update borrower details and property information prior to endorsement.
CAIVRS Authorization Lists available information on a potential borrower's default, claim, judgment, or foreclosure on a past government loan or guarantee.
Case Cancel/Reinstate Allows a lender to cancel or reinstate their pipeline cases that have not been endorsed for FHA mortgage insurance or for which upfront mortgage insurance premium (UFMIP) was not paid.
Case Query Provides case details including current status, mortgage appraisal, closing, upfront MIP, insurance or general case information.
Case Transfer Allows a lender who is currently assigned to the case to transfer the case to a new lender, sponsor, or sponsored originator.
Conditional Commitment Allows the originator or sponsor/agent to view and print the Conditional Commitment form issued by HUD for a HUD-processed case (not used for DE cases).
EEM Calculator Allows a lender to determine the maximum allowable Energy Efficient Mortgage (EEM) amount for energy efficient home improvements.
Electronic Binder Additions Upload Available only to lenders approved for the Lender Insurance (LI) program. Electronic Binder Additions Upload allows LI lenders to add requested (missing, additional, or revised) documentation to the electronic case binder.
Escrow Closeout After a loan is endorsed for FHA insurance, Escrow Closeout is used by the lender to certify that the escrow for a loan (case) has been properly closed out. It is applicable to the following escrow types: 203k (rehabilitation), Energy Efficient Mortgage (EEM) improvements, and Repairs to the property.
Firm Commitment Allows the originator or sponsor/agent to view and print the Firm Commitment form issued by HUD for a DE test (preclosing) case or a HUD-processed case.
HECM Calculator Allows lenders and HECM housing counselors to calculate the principal limit of a Home Equity Conversion Mortgage (HECM), analyze and compare different payment options, save data, and generate reports.
HECM Financial Assessment Allows lenders to evaluate the ability of the borrowers to meet their financial obligations in a timely manner and comply with Home Equity Conversion Mortgage (HECM) requirements.
HECM Referral Allows lenders to specify the housing counseling agencies to which the borrower(s) of a Home Equity Conversion Mortgage (HECM) loan was referred.
Inspector Assignment Allows assignment or reassignment of inspectors, addition and update of compliance inspection information (inspector ID and date), and deletion of the inspector and compliance inspection information.
MIC/NOR List Allows lenders to request a list of either MIC or NOR cases. These are cases that were recently endorsed for mortgage insurance and issued a Mortgage Insurance Certificate (MIC) or that were not endorsed for mortgage insurance and issued a Notice of Non-Endorsement (also known as a Notice of Return (NOR)).
MIP Calculator Allows a lender to determine the upfront and annual MIP for loans assigned an FHA case number on or after July 14, 2008 (see Mortgagee Letter 2008-22). The MIP Calculator is not used for HECM cases or cases under the following Sections of the National Housing Act: Section 223(e) - Declining Neighborhoods, Section 238(c) - Military Impact Areas in Georgia and New York, Section 247 - Hawaiian Homelands, and Section 248 - Indian Lands.
Mortgage Insurance Certificate Used (after a case is endorsed for FHA insurance) to view and print a Mortgage Insurance Certificate (MIC). The MIC serves as evidence of FHA insurance on the mortgage loan.
Notice of Return Allows authorized HUD personnel to specify the reason(s) a mortgage loan (case) cannot be endorsed for FHA insurance and to issue a Notice of Return (NOR). In the NOR resolution process, the originator and/or sponsor can use Notice of Return to view and print the NOR.
Post-endorsement Borrower SSN Correction Allows loan originators, sponsors, holders, or servicers to use the FHA Connection to correct borrower SSNs after endorsement. The case must be an active case in the Single Family Insurance System (SFIS).
Refinance Authorization Allows lenders to access new refinance information (including refinance credit), and update the projected closing date, contact name, or phone number. (Not applicable to HECM refinance cases.)
Refinance Credit Query Used to determine the refinance credit available for an active FHA-insured loan (case) that is being refinanced. It provides 30-day and 60-day calculations based on the projected closing date of the new loan. (Not applicable to HECM refinance cases.)
Secondary Financing Used to enter information on funds directly provided to the borrower in order to meet the required minimum case investment. Secondary financing is defined as any financing other than the first mortgage that creates a lien against the property.
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