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FAQ - Property Improvement/Manufactured Housing

Q1: What functions and features are currently available on the FHA Connection for Title I lenders?
A1: The following functions and features are available:
  • Online reporting of new and refinanced Title I Property Improvement, FHA PowerSaver, and Title I Manufactured Housing loans
  • Online downloading of current Title I premium bills (see Q4 below)
  • Easy access to Title I Letters and Title I Lender & Servicer Newsletters
  • Online Service Bureau registration and authorization
  • Current status updates for Title I claims including:
    • Detailed breakdowns of Title I claim payments
    • Reasons why a Title I claim was denied
    • Claim in Process confirmation
  • Information regarding paid claim servicing
  • Online CAIVRS authorization
  • Servicing information regarding paid claims
  • Online reporting of insured loan data changes
  • Online payment of Title I premiums
  • Online access to Title I premium payment information (payment query/payment history)
  • Information on how to submit a batch upload for Property Improvement and PowerSaver loans (allows you to report multiple loans at one time via a secure FTP server.)
Q2: How do we make our Title I premium payments?
A2: Title I premiums must be paid online via the FHA Connection/ electronic payment process. To obtain access to the FHA Connection, go to the FHA Connection website�s homepage ( and click the "Registering a New User" link for registration instructions. Once you obtain access to the FHA Connection, you will need access to the Title I Processing screens and the Cash Flow Account Setup screen. Your FHA Connection Application Coordinator is authorized to provide access to these screens. If you have any questions about obtaining access to the FHA Connection and the Title I Processing/Cash Flow Account Setup screens, please contact the Premiums Helpline at 1-800-669-5152 ext. 2832 or send an email to
Q3: What is a Title I cash flow account?
A3: In order to use the new web-based premium payment process, you must provide your cash flow account information designating which bank account will be used to withdraw funds for your Title I premium payments. The cash flow account setup screen is located on the FHA Connection under the Lender Functions option on the main menu page.
Q4: How do we obtain our monthly Title I premium billing statements?
A4: Lenders and servicers must download their bills from the FHA Connection website. HUD has discontinued the mailing of paper Title I premium billing statements.
Q5: How can servicing organizations obtain access to the FHA Connection and authorization from lenders to perform specified Title I loan servicing functions on their behalf?
A5: If a servicing organization (service bureau) has not yet registered with HUD to be eligible to perform Title I servicing, they must contact the Premiums Helpline at 1-800-669-5152 ext. 2832 and request to be added to the Title I Service Bureau Registry. When HUD adds the service bureau to the Service Bureau Registry, they will be given a five-digit service bureau ID number. Once they have their service bureau ID number, they can go the FHA Connection website's homepage ( and apply to obtain access to the system by following the instructions for "Registering a New User".

Title I lenders can then go to the "Title I Servicing" page and click on the "Service Bureau Authorization" menu option to select the service bureau of their choice from the list of registered Title I service bureaus, and to provide appropriate authorizations to perform specific Title I servicing functions on their behalf. If you require assistance related to registering as a Title I service bureau, obtaining access to the FHA Connection, or selecting and authorizing a service bureau to service Title I loans on your behalf, please contact the Premiums Helpline or send an email to
Q6: Is there a user manual or guidebook that is specifically designed for Title I on the FHA Connection?
A6: Yes. A User Guide for Title I on the FHA Connection can be accessed directly from the Property Improvement/Manufactured Housing menu page.
Q7: I am a Title I lender/servicer and have a question about Title I Processing. Who can I call?
A7: Use the following contacts for answers to questions about Title I processing:
  • Title I Premiums Helpline: 1-800-669-5152 ext. 2832
  • Title I Endorsement and Claims Processing Helpline: 1-800-669-5152 ext. 2836
  • Title I eHelpline:
Q8: Where can I find forms and reference materials related to the Title I program?
A8: Forms and other applicable reference materials can be downloaded from HUDCLIPS ( A link to HUDCLIPS is located at the bottom of all FHA Connection menu pages. Direct links to Title I Letters and quarterly Title I Lender & Servicer Newsletters are provided on the Title I Servicing page.