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Frequently Asked Questions - Single Family Servicing

Q1: Where can I get information concerning monthly mortgage insurance premiums and HUD's monthly premium collection system?
A1: The SFPCS Periodic Information Packet provides information regarding payment of monthly mortgage insurance premiums and HUD's collection system, SFPCS Periodic. Some of the various topics included are: Answers to Mortgagee Questions, Business Overview, Calculations, Technical Issues, and What's New.
Q2: What can the FHA Connection's Monthly Premiums function do with regard to my company's portfolio?
A2: The Monthly Premiums function enables mortgagees to access the various report files that are available for viewing on the screen or downloading to your computer. With these reports, you can determine the cases in your mortgagee portfolio, monthly premiums due, and any discrepancies in the billing-payment process.
Q3: Where can I get informatoin about making mortgage insurance premium payments directly to HUD?
A3: The information is available online via the Internet for the following: